How to Write to Money

This may sound like the oddest thing but if you are struggling with money… Write to it!!

Like any other relationship you have to talk to your money and listen to what money has to say to you.

I know! Sounds strange to write to it…

Try and see what happens.

  1. Here is what to write in your letter to money:
  • Start off with gratitude and how much you appreciate money being there for you and list out what you are grateful for right now
  • Talk about how you feel in your relationship with money
  • My relationship to you in the past has been
  • My relationship to you today and in the future is
  • Ask for support and new creative ideas to help bring in money
  • If you want to get answers you can begin to ask “money” questions.
    • Why am I nervous?
    • How can I feel supported?
    • Can you send me a sign?
    • How can I feel abundant as I step into healing my relationship to you?
    • How can I attract money to come in as I step out in faith to heal my money story?
    • Feel free to ask any other questions.
  • Ask for next steps to move forward
  • My commitment is to xyz…
  • Thank you for the support past present and future

Once you start to write it will most likely start to flow.

Lots of insight can be gained here by taking a moment to connect with your thoughts, hurt, fear, scarcity story, desire for more.

  1. After you write to money I would love for you to not let the story of lack loop (mental chatter) in your mind.

If the loop starts to occur…  begin to ask yourself and repeat this instead  

What miracles or magic is going to happen as I heal my money story? I wonder what magical things will happen. I wonder what I will manifest? I am so excited to be working on this. As I work on this I know that I will be showing up as an empowered woman and I will be able to bless others and empower other women to do the same. I know as I do this work I will be able to give back. Money will begin to flow as energy flows. I am so excited about this. Thank you money for always supporting me and being there for me. Thank you universe for always providing.

Add/change any part of that if you would like.

The important thing is to notice any feelings of nervousness and immediately stop the mental chatter and come over to the above statement and begin to meditate on it.

As you meditate on the statement, you can begin to visualize it.

You can turn on this music and use it as meditation music.

What these exercises do:

  1. raise your vibration
  2. you are attracting flow, abundance, etc instead of lack
  3. you are beginning to reprogram the brain
  4. you are quieting your mind so you can begin to get clarity

Write a letter every week for 4 weeks and see if your thoughts start to change.

If you haven’t been sitting down to work on your money weekly check out The Money Date for insight into how to connect with your money weekly.


Author: Nicole Lombardo

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