Start Here

Start Here with Nicole Lombardo


I suggest starting with Living in Abundance note on the journal pages to learn the idea of where manifesting, money flow and mindset begin.

From there you can begin to dive into Manifestation Practices or to start working on your relationship with money head over to The Money Date.

Most importantly work on forming new habits and showing up in a different way. If you start working on manifesting then make sure to practice non-attachment.

If you are working on The Money Date make sure to schedule your date every week.

If you are looking to heal your relationship with money as well as dive into your budgets, paying off debt, making more money and bust through any limiting beliefs with a mentor then I suggest The Money Flow Series one on one Mentorship.

The Essentials, The Resources and On My Bookshelf provide quick tools to create your home, enhance your lifestyle and help you find great books.

If you feel you need more support and want to work more deeply on manifesting, living in abundance, working with your intuition and/or ready to dive into your finances on a deeper level you can book sessions here.