The Experience

The Money Flow Series with Nicole Lombardo

The Money Flow Series and Mentorship

Exploring the magical and practical side of money

This set of experiences will help you heal your relationship with money and to also dive into looking at your actual finances. Don’t be scared! We will work together to make it fun and EASY!

You will walk away with:

Fresh renewed perspective on money

Know and understand your finances

Know how to make more money

Clean up your finances & debt

How do I support you in all of this…

As a manifesting and money flow mentor, I offer advice, instruction, tools, support and suggestions to help you create a meaningful life in which you live in abundance.

This in turn helps you obtain your goals quicker, increase your connection to money and increase your joy and happiness.

The tools we will use together…

Financial Coaching Exercises

Mindset Exercises

Breathwork Meditations

Business Training if needed

Ready to Experience More Peace, More Joy, More Abundance and Create Your Meaningful Life?

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The Manifesting Circle Events

Exploring manifesting practices in a live event format currently held in San Diego…

I hold local manifesting circles to help people take the time to slow down, tap into their intuition and connect with what they desire. I create a space for them to be grateful for what they have and what they will manifest. I use tools like nature and rituals to make it interactive and fun.

If you are ready to change the conversation you are having with yourself around money, connect to your inner guidance to think and dream bigger and start showing up in the world in a powerful way mentorship may be for you.

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*All sessions, workshops and events are final sale. Refunds not permitted.