“The Courage of Ease with Krystal Brandt” Podcast Interview

Hello from a very sunny summer day in San Diego!
You never know this time of year if it will be sunny or if we will be in a grey fog that sits right on the coast.
This week the interview I did with Krystal Brandt the host of The Courage of Ease Podcast went live.
We talked about Money: The Practical and Magical Side of Money
Krystal and I talked about how money has gotten a bad rap and that we can do so many great things in the world if we change out perspective.
We also talked about how to drop the guilt and shame around any past money stories or debt.
Krystal and I chatted about The Money Date to help listener’s create a better relationship with money through setting aside time to dive into abundance, gratitude, creating a space and then looking at your actual finances which you can do for either personal or business finances.
If you want even more goodness you can catch the whole interview here:

Author: Nicole Lombardo

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