The Money Date

This is a simple yet fun and effective way to connect to your money.
Of course the money date implements the magical fun side (love letters)
& the practical (actual numbers) side of looking at your money.
Try it out and let me know how it goes!
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The Money Date Setting Space With Nicole Lombardo
1. Set Your Space
  • Music
  • Light Candles
  • Use Essential Oils: Maybe something like Wild Orange that is uplifting
  • Crystals: You can get pyrite or citrine
  • Pour a glass of wine or a cup of tea
The Money Date Journal with Nicole Lombardo

2. Dive Into Your Money Review

  • Look at your bank accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Send out your invoices that need to be paid if you own a business
  • Review your budget
  • See where you are at in paying off debt
  • Look at your goals for savings
The Money Date with Nicole Lombardo

3. Journaling Exercise

  • What am I grateful for?
  • How do I want to feel and how can I create more of that feeling?
  • What little things bring me joy daily?
  • What am I currently manifesting?
  • What would I like to manifest?
  • What do I need clarity on?
  • What is your money affirmation for this week?
The Money Date Love Letter with Nicole Lombardo
4.Write a letter to Money
Dear Money,
{Things you could include in your letter}
  • Start off with gratitude and how much you appreciate money being there for you and list out what you are grateful for right now
  • Talk about how you feel in your relationship with money
  • My relationship to you in the past has been
  • My relationship to you today and in the future is
  • Ask for support and new creative ideas to help bring in money
  • Ask for next steps to move forward
  • My commitment is to xyz…
  • Thank you for the support past present and future
Love, {Your Name}



The Money Date with Nicole Lombardo
5. Now What?