Money Flow Mentorship

The Money Flow Series with Nicole Lombardo

 Money Flow Mentorship

Together we explore the magical and practical side of money.

This set of experiences will help you uncover your money blocks and limiting beliefs so you can begin to heal your relationship with money.

Once we remove any blocks we dive into looking at your actual finances. Don’t be scared! We will work together to make it fun and EASY!


You will walk away with:

Fresh renewed perspective on money

Uncover & begin to heal your deep rooted beliefs that are deep in your subconscious

Know and understand your finances

Learn how to make more money and let money work hard for you

Clean up your finances & debt

Learn how to create your legacy


How do I support you in all of this…

As a manifesting and money flow mentor…

I offer tools, support and suggestions pulling from my certifications, 20+ year of living this information out by applying it to my life and my 12+ years in the mortgage and real estate industry.


The tools we will use together…

Financial Coaching {Debt payoff plans, Savings plans, Real Estate Purchase Plans}

Mindset Exercises {Deep Visualizations, Intuition & Meditations}

Rapid Transformational Therapy  {Learn more about RTT Here}


We can work together in a few different ways…

2.5 hour Money Mindset Session – Learn how to manifest by uncovering your mindset blocks around money. We dive into subconscious beliefs and then you will learn how to begin to change those beliefs with your very own personalized hypnotherapy session using a technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy. $450

2.5 hour Money Flow Planning Session – Clean up your finances, plan for the future, make your money work for you. $450

Want to do it all in one day and save $50?

5 Hour Money Flow Planning, Mindset and Manifesting Session – Begin to uncover the root cause and reprogram subconscious beliefs around money, learn how to manifest and clean up & plan your finances all in one day. $850

Follow Up Sessions

{follow up sessions are for current clients after the initial sessions are complete}

60 minute Rapid Transformational Therapy Session or Money Planning  Sessions – $200

Schedule your session HERE


The Manifesting and Money Flow Retreats & Events

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  1. Are you a financial advisor? No, I am not. I am a financial coach certified through Dave Ramsey’s financial coaching certification. I have however helped people with budgets for 20 years.
  2. What is Rapid Transformational Therapy? It is a hybrid between hypnosis and talk therapy. You can read more here. I use it because I believe in getting to the root cause of issues and then using neuroscience to fix it by rewiring the neural pathways in the brain.
  3. Will I make I make the money back that I invest with you? No promises. You are the driver of your ship. If you do the work I share with you then you will most likely change many things in your life including your financial outlook but that is up to you.
  4. How long have you been helping people with their money mindset? For two years I have focused more on giving people several practical tools to work through blocks.


*All sessions, workshops and events are final sale. Refunds not permitted.

*I am not a financial advisor, I am not a medical professional. It is up to you to take the information shared and used it wisely, safely and consult with your financial advisors and medical doctors.