The Money Flow Retreat



The Money Flow Retreat {Dates TBD}

If you are feeling something deep down calling you to work on your money and money mindset then I have created the perfect retreat for you.

What I’ve found in my work is that many women feel like they don’t “get it” when it comes to money.

Maybe they were never taught, maybe they are scared to look at their finances, maybe they just don’t have time…

And on top of it all we all have beliefs about what our relationship to money is…like money is bad, asking for money is selfish or money is hard to come by.

Sound like you?

Or some version of how you feel about money?  

Look I get it… even after spending 20 years focusing on finance, investing in the long term with stocks, mutual funds, buying and selling real estate, heck even gold and silver I feel like I have done it all.

I even went and got my financial coaching certification.

And to tell you the truth I still have to reach out to my financial mentor to check in.

Actually… I called her recently to help me geek out on some numbers and figured out a way to save $171,000 on our real estate investments.

Perfect example of why this retreat is so important.

We all need a little help when it comes to our money and money mindset.

To get that outside perspective, learn something new and be able to see what we are missing. 

The great thing is that money doesn’t have to be scary or boring!


We can approach money with gratitude, mindfulness, abundance and a joy-filled approach so we can create and live the lifestyle we want.

Often times we are so focused on keeping all the balls in the air that we forget to think about the things we actually want to create in our lives and instead let each day pass us by mired in confusion and overwhelm.

So if you are feeling called to step into clarity and heal your relationship with money.

I would love to invite you to join a small group of women for a 2-day retreat where we get to play with the practical and magical side of money.


This is a hands-on retreat where we walk through your finances as well as your money mindset so you leave with finances in order and a new relationship with money.   



  • You want to get your finances organized in a fun way, but also in a safe and personal environment
  • You want to heal your relationship with money. Together we will uncover money blocks and limiting beliefs stopping you from having what you want.
  • You no longer want to be embarrassed by your financial situation or your lack of knowledge.
  • You want to meet other women who want to make a difference in the world. Let’s all rise together.                                                                                  

WALK AWAY WITH:                                                                            

  • Refreshed and renewed mindset toward money
  • Clarity around your money and your money goals for the year
  • Excitement that you took the time to go through the process and now feel money savvy…
  • Affirmations, Rituals, Mantras and Visualizations
  • Inspired and ready to take on this year and make it the most impactful financial year yet
  • Your finances organized and squeaky clean
  • Your very own plan of action to create your ideal financial situation with ease
  • Your very own manifesting blueprint
  • Last, but not least new found friends who are also ready to hold you accountable to having your best financial year yet.



  • Manifest money flow!!
  • Organize and clean up your finances in a FUN way
  • Create your money date
  • Create your money and abundance ritual
  • Fireside chats
  • Have a beautiful lunch with fresh produce from our garden in a beautiful outdoor setting
  • Practice using your intuition with money
  • Begin to heal your relationship with money with affirmations, mantras, visualizations and subconscious reprogramming.
  • Learn tools to give you freedom from fear, shame and anxiety around money

“The Money Flow Manifestation Retreat is a place where magic meets practical money love. It’s incredible to me that with all the learning I’ve done around money, Nicole seems to somehow create an atmosphere and energy where we get comprehensive understanding and reminders about the power of intention, energy, and ritual AND she isn’t afraid to get nitty-gritty-practical with us. Where powerful, gifted, heart-centered women come together, whether it be in circle sharing their truths or around a table with their laptops out ready to mastermind, there’s a certain kind of magic that unlocks and Nicole brings the very best out of us. I’m so blessed to have Nicole in my life as a guide, mentor and savvy, down-to-earth money queen. She reminds me that healing and growing my money relationship can be easy, empowering and FUN! I got so much out of this retreat that I’m planning my year around coming back for future ones just to be in the energy and potency of it all again. If that doesn’t say something powerful about this retreat, I don’t know what does.”

– Krystal B

“Thank you Nicole for providing such an empowering and nurturing environment for us…and the yummy food from your garden was an extra treat! I loved our intimate “money time” together…you ladies rock! On Sunday a client dropped by a $50 gift card to Ki’s Restaurant for me and on Monday I used a $100 gift card to Seaside Market I’ve had in my wallet for a while… both made me feel like the universe was bestowing its abundance and I continue to feel well taken care of…till soon.”
– Christiane S




Location is in North San Diego County and will be sent after payment along with all the other details on how to dress and what to bring.

Click Here To Purchase >>> $400. <<<

*The paypal link with say Pacific Web Consulting, Inc which is our family SCorp so if you see the company name or my husband Anthony’s name do not be alarmed. 🙂

*This is ALL in a SAFE environment. You won’t have to share with the group if you do not want to!

*Spots are limited




*There are no refunds for the retreat.