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The Money Flow private sessions have been busy lately!

It is absolutely incredible to see how much progress everyone is making in the last year or two of working with clients around money and money mindset.

This community is growing and the strides people are taking have been incredible and life changing. I can’t tell you how many text messages of excitement I get with people sharing their wins.

I don’t know about you but I love to see other people’s money strategies so we will be sharing some client results to inspire you here on the blog.

*All client names are anonymous to keep privacy in mind since money can be a private aspect of life.

Here are the major take aways for this client…

To give context to the situation. This client and I have had 4 sessions over the course of 4 months and these are the most recent results.

When we first started working together this client was unclear on her income, her expenses and was not clear on whether to work full time as an entrepreneur or keep working part time for someone else.

The first steps she took…

  • Figured out her monthly income for the last year.
  • Recorded her expenses for 3 months and averaged them out to figure out how much she spends on average. From there she was able to see what her “budget” could be. Not every client wants a budget so it is very subjective. For this client in particular she wanted to have a budget, pay cash and be able to intentionally spend rather than not know where her money was going.
  • From there she could see if she was making enough money to cover her expenses and then make the necessary adjustments to her income and expenses.

Most recently she came to the money flow session and together we created this money flow strategy.

  • Transferred $11,500 at 13.24% in business credit card debt to a SBA loan at 3.75% interest which will save her approximately $1300 in interest
  • Pays cash for everything and stopped the credit card debt cycle
  • Doubled car payments to pay off car in 7 months

Let me know if this type of post is helpful and if you want to listen in on videos explaining a lot of these principles join the Money Flow Community over on Facebook.







Author: Nicole Lombardo