The Money Flow Book Club

The Money Flow Book Club


A lot of money and mindset books have been shared over in the Money Flow Facebook Group so we officially started a Money Flow Book Club.

Each month we choose a book on money, some read part of it… some read all of it… but regardless we have a zoom meetup to chat about the book and money.

If you are craving a group of like minded people to hang with once a month on zoom and talk about money and money mindset then the book club may be for you.

Just join the Facebook Group if you are not a part of it already and you will see the book club posts there.

Some of the books we have read so far:

  • The Richest Man in Babylon
  • Dollars Flow To Me Easily
  • Secrets of Six Figure Women

Here is a short excerpt from Dollars Flow to Me Easily

Have a book recommendation? Let us know over in the group!!




Author: Nicole Lombardo