Interview: Paying off Back Taxes and Changing Money Mindset with Laura McConnell

“I had to look at the very thing I had anxiety about but knew logically that looking at my money once a week would give me more momentum, clarity and power.”




In this interview Laura McConnell and Nicole Lombardo talk her experience with the Money Flow Co. Laura paid back taxes off in just a few months and now has a healthy relationship with money.


In The Interview We Cover:

  • How Laura paid off her back taxes.
  • Laura is prepared to pay her taxes for next year with no worries after consulting her CPA.
  • How she felt helpless and now has hope.
  • How Laura broke the cycle of feeling that if she looked at her money, she would lose it.
  • Overcoming the belief that she couldn’t look at money because she couldn’t handle it.
  • Laura also shares her expertise in life coaching. She shares how she figures out if her thoughts are lies or truth by writing her thoughts on paper and redefining the truth.
  • If you are looking for a lifestyle coach, Laura has tools to help you with your mindset.

How To Connect With Laura:

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Author: Nicole Lombardo