Interview: Real Estate Investing For Beginners with Brian Lukacz

“Most real estate agents on January 1st each year start at zero and do not have a guaranteed paycheck. A landlord has a guaranteed monthly paycheck.”

-Brian Lukacz



In this interview Brian Lukacz and Nicole Lombardo talk about how to begin investing in real estate. Brian has been in commercial real estate for 20 years and recently stepped into being an investor in the local Southern California market.


In The Interview We Cover:

  • How Brian got his foot in the door
  • One way wealth is built is in real estate. Real generational wealth begins with owning land, art and gold. (Learned from Jim Rickards)
  • How Brian educated himself through books, programs, videos and Youtube
  • What to buy first and when to start investing
  • Learn the skills you need like crunching numbers to see if an investment property is for you to save time and frustration
  • Building your team as fast as you can such as real estate agent, mortgage broker and contractor
  • Brian’s mentor told hime to “Stay disciplined… It does get exciting and buy something that is local”
  • Do your homework, get educated, get your team in place and then jump in.





Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Youtube: Grant Cardone

San Diego Resources for Real Estate agents, mortgage brokers and contractors email Nicole 

How To Connect With Brian:

Author: Nicole Lombardo