How I Manifested Living in Paris

I have been told I am a powerful manifestor but I didn’t always believe it or see it for myself but I certainly manifested living in Paris amongst other fun adventures.

When I manifest I simply say I am going to do something, envision it, take action and then sit back and wait to see if the universe is going to open the doors.

For example…

In 2016 I kept saying to myself and others that my husband Anthony and I were going to spend time in France in the summer of 2017. I didn’t know what that was going to look like but hey it was going to be between 3 weeks and 3 months.

At the time I thought we would be down on the coast in a town called Hossegor because my husband surfs and we don’t typically spend a lot of time in big cities.

So here is how I manifested living in France…

  • I started planning where to live in France.
  • I started listening to French music.
  • I started to watch French movies.
  • I started to practice some French words.
  • I started to plan house details here in San Diego like selling stuff we don’t need, getting a lock on the hall closet to put our personal items in and starting investigating VRBO, Air BnB and other websites to try to rent out the house while we were gone.

From there things started to get INTERESTING.

It started with my husbands work asking if he would like to go to Paris to work for 6 months starting June 1, 2017.

Woah! What?

He typically never… (like never!) gets to work remote.

{Believe me… we talk about him working remote all the time and nothing had surfaced until that moment.}

He declined the 6 months offer because we had a sick doggie that had to stay here in the USA but we did jump on the opportunity to go for 3 months.

Time and time again things fell into place. At the time I couldn’t believe all the magical things that kept happening… it was like standing back and watching everything swirl around me and then settle.

The next thing that happened that was crazy was that our house rented from exactly the dates we were flying out to the exact date that our apartment lease ended in Paris.

The dates were completely weird… the 4th of June to the 8th of August or whatever they were. I mean how in the world did they pick those dates to stay in our house?

That was magical!!

The next thing that was manifested was the apartment we leased. At first I had a picture of a beautiful bright white apartment in Paris that I wanted to manifest. At the time I was having trouble finding an apartment so I posted the apartment on Instagram and within a few days found an apartment. It was in the 1st arridossment which I wasn’t sure about since it was close to the Louvre Museum. I was not excited to stay in a touristy area.

Fast forward to our time actually living in Paris and we lived in the BEST area. It was all locals, families, not touristy, we met lots of fun nice people and it was central to EVERYTHING.

BUT there was one thing that kept creeping into my mind…

I manifested the apartment but it didn’t look like the one in the picture. HMMM….

It kept haunting me all summer until the very end. We needed an apartment for a little bit after our apartment rental was up for the majority of summer and the time we had to fly back to the USA.

Low and behold… I look on AirBnB and guess what is there? An apartment that was nearly identical to the picture I had posted on Instagram. So we ended up in the apartment with the grey couch, the herringbone pattern of wood floors, the bright white tall ceilings, the beautiful iron railings outside the window.

Again Magical!

I will say this about living in Paris…

My husband and I felt wholly present and content.

Sometimes when I am not living in San Diego I start to feel antsy or anxious because I miss home but I didn’t feel antsy or anxious at any point in time.

It was AMAZING to break our San Diego routine and mix things up.

Push yourself beyond comfort

Both my husband and I felt a lot less stress in Paris whether that was not being on the freeway or not having to deal with high stress in an office environment.

We fully immersed ourselves in a culture that is less stressful, we spent time at the park at night watching families and friends play games and spend time together.

I loved interacting with kind helpful people that are family centric.

Living in other countries and experiencing full immersion into other cultures is what we create/manifest for our lives.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

Rise to meet your dreams

It doesn’t have to be travel.

It is purely for you to figure out what lights you up.


Author: Nicole Lombardo