How The Fishes and Loaves Mentality Drives My Husband Nuts

Fishes and loaves

Three little words that can bring up so much…

Yes originally is was tied to religion and Jesus however if you could for just for a moment hear me out and see the magic in this…

Ok let’s dive in…

When I use this saying, it drives my husband craaaazy.

You see I believe in the magic of things.

I like to push the limits to tell you the truth. Just how much magic can I bring into my existence?

Let’s take for example prepping for a dinner party.

My husband is a Lombardo. He comes from an Italian family that loves to cook and make mounds of delicious food. His father cooks for an army if there are 5 people coming for dinner and I love that about him and his family.

I however always test the boundaries…

I don’t overbuy food, I don’t overbuy wine, I don’t make too much food, I get the house together for a dinner party right before people come and it drives my husband nuts. He wants to prep, have the house professionally cleaned and of course cook for the masses.

I like to believe in the magic and say “Honey, fishes and loaves, fishes and loaves! It will all work out!”

And guess what? It always does work out!

No one goes without enough food or enough wine.

I do prepare of course for a dinner party but I also choose to see through the lense of magic and that things work out rather than stress myself out.

So thank you Jesus for showing me the magic in believing in fishes and loaves. It ALL works out and I don’t have to live with high stress for something like cooking dinner for friends.

I also like to play with time to see if I can slow it down to fit in everything I need to but that is a story for another day…

Stay tuned


Author: Nicole Lombardo