My Experience With Manifestation

There are so many people talking about manifesting these days so I will share with you my experience with it and a little bit about what I have learned from practicing and reading about manifesting.

It seems the way I personally manifest is by having a thought almost an intuitive knowing and then practicing non-attachment. I just trust that it will happen.

What I focus on is listening to my intuition because it seems to give me a desire or a glimpse of something that is going to manifest and then go from there.

Read on to see what I have manifested.

i. I manifested our house in New Zealand 

How I manifested our house in New Zealand

You see years before we even moved to New Zealand I cut out a picture from the International Real Estate section of the Wall Street Journal and pinned it to my vision board. At the time I had never been to New Zealand but it was a cute little 2 story yellow house right on the water with these trees surrounding it with red flowers. I cut off the description at the bottom because I didn’t want to live in Auckland… I wanted a cute little lake house here in the USA.

Years later we had been living in New Zealand for a year and I was ready to move back to San Diego. (We had sold everything and relocated indefinitely so it was a big deal to move back.) I thought I should take a picture of the house we were living in since I had never really looked at it. The view was so beautiful looking out that we simply focused on that. As I looked back at the house and took a picture I realized we had been living in a house that looked very very similar to the picture I had pinned up years prior.

Manifested House in New Zealand



ii. Manifested an apartment in Paris

As we were preparing to move to Paris for the Summer of 2017… I posted this picture of an apartment as inspiration for places to rent for the summer.

Paris Apartment


A few days later we book our apartment for 3 months or so and it did not look similar to this. This is where I had to practice non-attachment.

The apartment we did book had beautiful wood beams, modern furniture and of course was painted grey and white so I was happy. It was also on the BEST street and we absolutely LOVED where we were living.

At the end of our time in Paris we were going to travel to the south of France and ended up in Marseille simply because I wanted to go to Provence but also go to the Calenques which are gorgeous fjords on the Mediterranean coast.

We ended up not liking Marseilles and changed our tickets to fly back to Paris and end our time there. I looked on AirBnB and found a place that was similar in the look and feel to the picture of the apartment I wanted to manifest.

Paris Apartment

Let me tell you this… This place was beautiful and comfortable and in a good location but our original place was absolutely PERFECT. So lesson here is that you have to TRUST when you are manifesting that what will show up will be the right experience.

So to wrap this all up.

I personally seem to manifest by:

  • Having an image or picture or insight from my intuition
  • Practicing non-attachment
  • Trust that what does or doesn’t show up will be perfect

I would love to hear how you manifest. Let me know!



Author: Nicole Lombardo