The Insider Paris Travel Guide That I Give To My Friends

This is not your typical guide to Paris…

We all know that you are going to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame so you don’t need yet another post about the main attractions that everyone else writes about.

This is all information that my closest friends and girlfriends ask for when they visit Paris because I have not only visited multiple times but lived there.

There are a 1,000 beautiful interesting fun things to see & experience and most of the time they are down random cobblestone streets so the important thing is to just simply get out and WALK.

I’ve included my personal google map favorites, my Pinterest board for What to Wear In Paris that all my friends ask for and activities in and around the city that I have used multiple times and had great experiences.

Here are the links to everything…

My google map

{{This map has layers so pay attention to Eat & Drink AND Top Secret Insider Places. As you click on especially the Top Secret Insider Places I made notes so check those out. To open the map on your phone click on the three bars in the search box, tap “Your Places”, click “Maps”, and click “Paris Guide”!}}

What I wear in Paris

Secret places in Paris on an electronic bike

Day trip to see Chateau’s in the Loire Valley

Day trip to Epernay, the Capital of Champagne

{{Take the train from Paris Gare de l’Est to Epernay and walk from the station to Avenue de Champagne where you can experience a cave tour at Moët Chandon first and then head down the beautiful street to other champagne houses.}}

Here is what I did for my cell phone coverage

{{I bought an unlocked iPhone so I could buy a SIM card there in France since I was living there. When I go for a few days I use my USA provider’s international plan for $10 a day.}}

What I use for an Adapter Kit

{{I made a mistake once by forgetting one of these guys and ended up taking half a day driving all around a city in Australia on Sunday no less trying to buy an adaptor…}}

What apps I use

{{I keep it simple and use the Uber app and the Google Translate. You can have someone speak right into the translate app or take a picture… The BEST!!}}

How I get there

{{I always fly from Los Angeles so I use Norwegian Airlines. I fly their premium class which is about the same as flying Delta Business Class but $5000 less give or take. Their economy section has great pricing too.}}

Be polite, remember you are on an adventure… it always works out.

Everyone always asks about the people in France… “Are they rude?”

Here is what I always say… have you been to a store lately? Was every single person on the way to the store or in the store nice to you? Some were nice others not so much. We are all human. It is the same here as it is there.

I had many many many nice experiences with the French and I had a few like under 5 encounters that I had to shrug off. No big deal!

Last but not least…

Learn these 5 French words/phrase

Hello – Bonjour

Goodbye – Au revoir

Please – s’il vous plaît

Thank you – Merci

Can I get the check please – L‘addition, s’il vous plaît

Remember to look for the magic in things and see what opens up.


Author: Nicole Lombardo