How I Manifested a House in Napa

I thought I would share how I manifested a house in Napa. I still can’t believe it really.

Here is how it all went down.

While we were living in New Zealand we would drive around looking at houses and I would see these cute little houses that were grey and had white trim. I kept saying to my husband the next place we buy is going to be grey with white trim. I would just throw it out there not really giving it a second thought…

Fast forward 2 years and I get this incessant desire (which I now understand to be my intuition…) to look at real estate.

{Note: I am not a stranger to real estate. I worked in the mortgage industry and for a real estate developer for 12 years. I bought my first home in Cardiff by the Sea, California at 25 without my parents or anyone else’s help.}

So I immediately call my mentor the mortgage broker who was my boss for all those years…

She dives into financials and says you can definitely invest in a 2nd property and here are some areas to investigate. The first were some properties in Napa and then some areas in San Diego.

Side note here: I had also been saying that I was going to invest in Napa or Sonoma for a long time that is why Napa was thrown in there.

My mentor then says I will text you some properties tonight so later that night she sends over a few listings and the first one I see is this cute little grey home with white trim that has a granny flat in our price range in Napa.

The next day we were in escrow. I knew it was the place for us!

It turned out to be the perfect rental with great renters. It is a great investment and part of my big vision in life to own multiple income generating properties.

What led me to the manifesting of this place was:

  • Listening to the intuitive hits
  • Taking small actions like saving money and looking for different properties so I was aware of what was out there
  • Then when the time was right I ACTED

Listen to the intuitive hits that come to your mind and start to see how things manifest.

I certainly manifest little things but all the BIG things I was following an intuitive hit.

Once I have the idea I practice a healthy dose on non-attachment (See the P.S. if you are not familiar with the term non-attachment), I stay curious and in gratitude for all that I have and keep taking little action steps to see how the magic unfolds.

I would love to know how you manifest!




P.S. What I mean by non-attachment is that I don’t hyper focus on what I want to manifest. I basically “set it” and “forget it” knowing that the manifestation I desire or something better will arrive at the perfect time for me. Attachment can create fear which will keep you from manifesting. Here is a great article to explain a little bit further. 



Author: Nicole Lombardo