The Practice of Listening to Your Intuition

My mom and I love to go to her local flea market on Sunday’s to find cute vintage garden supplies. This flea market in particular is about an hour or so north of where I live.

Of course I needed some cash and forgot to go to the bank on one particular Sunday this Spring. As I am driving past the flea market in search for a Chase Bank… I hear “turn left” in my head.

I thought that is weird, I am not turning left that street sign says Medical Center.

So I drive past and think to myself there has to be a bank coming up here on the right because I see there are a bunch of stores including a Home Depot.

There was not a single bank in that area so I pull out my phone to Google Chase bank on the maps and set out to get my cash.

Ten minutes later after going in a HUGE circle I end up on the other side of town at the end of a street that says Medical Center.

Low and behold there is the Chase Bank.

My intuition knew exactly where to lead me.

I just shook my head and I still shake my head as I write this.

  1. How did my intuition know where Chase Bank was? I had never been there and am unfamiliar with the town.
  2. Why did I not TRUST my intuition?

Listening to your intuition is a practice.

The more you use the “muscle” of learning the more it shows up.

So I have been practicing using it daily and as many times as I can throughout the day.

How do I tap into my intuition as a daily practice?

  • Be present and flow from one event to the next asking for direction
  • Be conscious of thoughts, visions, dreams, words and synchronicities that appear

If you need help with what kind of questions to ask… try one of these

  • What should I flow to now?
  • What does this person need from me?
  • What is this person feeling?
  • Where is this object?
  • What is drawing me in?
  • What patterns have you been noticing?
  • Where do I want to market today?
  • Who needs to hear from me today?
  • What do they want to hear?
  • How do I need to show up today?
  • What do I need to say to a family member or friend?
  • What wants to be in our presence?
  • How do I have a different outcome?
  • How do I look at this situation with love?
  • What are my first steps? (I LOVED THIS ONE)
  • How can I be presented with new opportunities?
  • What is holding me back?

How do I know that I am connecting to my intuition?

  • Intuition always comes from love. The thoughts that come are positive and loving not from a place of fear.
  • I feel a sense of peace in my stomach instead of that sick feeling

 You can also tap into your intuition to be guided on what to manifest in your life.

Listen to this audio exercise to help you slow down and tap into your intuition.

Find a quiet spot or even better get outside in a park, garden or beach if one of those is available.

After listening to the audio begin to journal:

Did you see, feel, hear what you need and why you are here?

  • Sound
  • Vibration
  • Goosebumps
  • A knowing
  • Feeling
  • See or hear a word
  • A vision
  • A dream

If not that is ok today.

  • Is it something that maybe has come up before?
  • Maybe you are getting signs yet ignoring them?
  • Is there any resistance or blocks around what you are hearing?
  • Is anything stopping you from trusting your intuition?

So, it you are reading this and saying “Yeah right” and are still not sure listen to this….

Last year this intuitive practice came into my life when I was getting certified for breath work.

The instructor asked us to look directly at our partner in the workshop and then she would ask a question and we had to answer.

Things like:

  • Do they look like their mom or dad?
  • What is their favorite music?
  • Where are they holding energy in their body?
  • Are they willing to release it?

Guess what?

The number of correct answers were staggering. If I were to guess based on the feedback from people I was at about 90% correct.

Crazy huh?

To read more about intuition and how I have used it in my life head over here.

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Author: Nicole Lombardo