How Listening to My Intuition Changed My Life

Growing up I felt I had good intuition but never really understood the power of listening to my deep inner knowings.

The older I got the more I started to tap into the listening part and then acting on what I heard.

I feel like I have been using these tools for so long and many are just getting on board with their intuition on a daily basis.

So for me personally I have used my intuition for really big events in my life but have been practicing using intuition throughout the day to guide me.

I am on a mission to practice using my intuition on a daily basis and as often throughout the day as I can.

You can read more on using your intuition on a daily basis here

Ok let’s dive into the three stories that I share in the video. These are all bigger events in my life.

The first story starts off with my proposal from my husband Anthony back in 2009. The picture for this post is at the hotel in Bora Bora where he proposed.

The second story is about finding the perfect new puppy in the Fall of 2017 after our beloved little fur-baby Lola passed away early at the age of 6.

The third story is about how I implemented intuition into my business Lusso Bags and saved myself $1,000’s and immediately started generating revenue in my business.

Here’s the deal.

I truly believe that listening to my intuition helps me live in a state of ease and flow.

It is always a positive feedback, giving me a new direction, cutting things that do not resonate in my life, it makes the path easier for the things I do want in life.

It may not always be in my timing but if I trust and listen to my intuition then it seems to always work out.



Author: Nicole Lombardo