I’m Nicole…

Thanks for joining me as I share my NEW way of living…

 A life in which I CREATE my reality.

Instead of hustling, striving and pushing I now live as much as I can by following my intuition which helps me flow from project to project and living in different countries with passion and joy.

I do believe whole heartedly that we manifest the life we desire.

I happen to be the co-founder of Get It Done Gals Business Coaching, Savvy CEO School & creator of The Money Flow

Officially I am a certified life, financial and breath work coach and have been a business coach for 10 years…. But more importantly I value my family, my chic home (I am very much a homebody when I am not traveling so I like to create a very cozy home) and travel centric lifestyle.

This space is a place where talking about money, business, joy, abundance and having the life you want is the status quo.

I KNOW and BELIEVE that you too can create your beautiful and abundant life, I would love to show you how.