Why It Is Critical To Know Your Income

“If you don’t know your income, how do you know if you need to cut your expenses?”

Looking at money can cause anxiety, worry and doubt but ONLY if you don’t look at your money consistently and do no have a game plan in place.

Once you rip off the bandaid and shine some light on your money you will see it gets easier to look at.

It is just taking it one step at a time and your first step is to look at your income!

In this video I talk about why it is important to know your income and then how to start tracking it both monthly and yearly.

When you actually know what you make for income you can then start allocating it to look at cutting expenses, paying off debt, contributing to savings, retirement and investments like real estate.

Start by watching the video, tracking your income and start scheduling Money Dates on your calendar. If you have no idea what a money date is…. go here to learn the 3 easy steps. themoneydate.com





Author: Nicole Lombardo