The Journal

Living in Abundance

First and foremost we need to be living with an abundance mindset when it comes to: Manifesting Mindset Money When is the last time you practiced gratitude? When is the last time you slowed down and took a look at what you actually have vs setting new goals and always wanting more? {eek, even as

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My Experience With Manifestation

There are so many people talking about manifesting these days so I will share with you my experience with it and a little bit about what I have learned from practicing and reading about manifesting. It seems the way I personally manifest is by having a thought almost an intuitive knowing and then practicing non-attachment.

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How I Manifested Living in Paris

I have been told I am a powerful manifestor but I didn’t always believe it or see it for myself but I certainly manifested living in Paris amongst other fun adventures. When I manifest I simply say I am going to do something, envision it, take action and then sit back and wait to see

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